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Kingworld Control (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. was established in August 2009, is committed to selling high-quality valves and fire products.

Valve cooperation brands: Israel ARI air valve, Canada Singer control valve, Italy Biffi actuator, Germany Festo and other brands of agents. Fire fighting co-brand: the United States Tyco fire: ANSUL inergen, carbon dioxide, dry powder and foam fire extinguishing system; HYGOOD heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing system.

“Integrity, responsibility, cooperation and innovation”, customer-centric corporate culture, to provide customers with the best products and solutions.

A Building,Powerise Valley, No. 20 Zhuzhou Road,Laoshan District Qingdao,China

+86  532  8099  8955

(Sun Amy)+86 181 0639 1330

(Zhong Isabel)+86 181 5326 7310

(Wang Ares)+86 181 5321 7013

(Sun Amy)WhatsApp:+86 177  0542  6512

(Zhong Isabel)WhatsApp:+86 187  6522  8346

(Wang Ares)WhatsApp:+86 182 5321 7361

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