Singer Water Control Vlave FM UL

106 / 206-RPS-L&H Surge Anticipating Relief Valve
The 106-RPS-L&H and 206-RPS-L&H anticipating surge relief valves are based on the 106-PG or 206-PG main valve.

The valve is mounted in a tee, downstream of the pump check valve(s). It is designed to anticipate surges to avoid the severe water hammer often associated with power failure surges.

The RPS-L&H pilot system is comprised of two pilots, the 81-RP and the 82-PR. Both pilots sense pressure through a connection to the header pipe. The 81-RP high pressure pilot opens the valve to relieve excess pressure. The model 82-PR low pressure pilot opens quickly on below normal pressures prior to the return of a surge wave, initiating the opening of the main valve in anticipation of the high pressure wave’s arrival.

Protects against power failure surges or pressure waves caused by velocity changes
Quick opening relief
Easily adjustable pressure setting
No electrical services required