TYCO BFV-300 Butterfly Valve FM UL CE VDS

The BFV-300 Butterfly Valve is part of extensive range of fire protection solutions

PFE Sprinkler Gauge Pressure Gauges FM UL

Specially designed for fire sprinkler systems• Suitable for air and water media Corrosion resistant case

TYCO AV-1-300 Alarm Check Valve FM UL CCC

AV-1-300 Alarm Check Valves are divided seat ring,rubber-faced clapper, waterflow alarm check valves that are intended ...

Singer Pressure Reducing Valve UL CCC

Models 106-PR-10159 UL / 106-PR-8702A Pressure Reducing Valve UL CCC The 106-PR is ideal for ...

TYCO SV-1 Deluge valve UL CCC

SV-1 Deluge Valve,DN80 thru DN200 (3 thru 8 inch) is a diaphragm type valve designed for vertical installation and for fire protection system service...

TYCO DV-5 Deluge Valve FM UL CCC

The TYCO DV-5 Deluge Valve with Remote-Resetting, Pressure-Reducing Trim is a diaphragm-style valve that depends upon water pressure

ANSUL Large Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems FM UL CCC

ANSUL pioneered dry chemical fire protection in 1939,which helped create large dry chemical systems with superior

ANSUL Inergen Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems FM UL CCC

Created as an ozone-safe replacement for Halon 1301,INERGEN agent is the nucleus of ANSUL's

ANSUL Bladder Tank FM UL

Pump Skids are used in combination with atmospheric storage tanks.While foam concentrate is pumped