BIFFI F02 Electric Actuators UL EX

Small quarter-turn electric actuator with the highest content of intelligence and innovation.Strong construction implemented in a modular...

Bray Pneumatic Actuator Series 92 CE

Styling, strength, compactness, and simplicity of design have been combined to produce the Bray Series 92 direct acting...

AVK Double Orifice Air Relief Valve 851/40 WRAS NSF

Body, Bonnet :Ductile iron GGG-50 to DIN 1693 Cowl:(BS 2789 Grade 500-7) ...

ARI Air Valve D-040

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Singer Water Control Vlave FM UL

The 106-RPS-L&H and 206-RPS-L&H anticipating surge relief valves are based on the 106-PG or 206-PG main valve.


The Figure 87L is used to prevent reverse flow in a is suitable for general water distribution

TYCO Double Eccentric Flange Butterfly WRAS NSF

Advanced newly design with dovetail seal design and captured by epoxy on the back with multiple raised

FESTO Linear Actuator Type DLP

When in doubt, choose pneumatics:linear pneumatic actuator for process valves with explosion protection.